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The core purpose of the book of revelation is to reveal the totality of jesus identity. What is a breakdown of the book of revelations in laymans. Many people consider the book of revelation intimidating. Abbreviations of the names of the books of the bible 11. Blessed is he who reads and those who hear the words of this prophecy, and keep those things which are written in it. In verse 5 one of the twenty four elders tells john not to weep and proclaims.

A verse by verse explanation of the book of revelation. The book of revelation closes its awful description of the judgments which are coming upon the earth by inviting to the sinner, come to christ, and, after one reads and understand the book of revelation, he too will close the book and invite the sinner to, come, and receive, jesus christ as you savior. After clicking register, you will receive an email with a link to verify your account and to complete your registration. Revelation 1 2020 welcome to a new vbvmi study through the book of revelation, perhaps the most challenging study in the bible as we begin tonight, im sure it wont surprise you to hear me say that we need to approach our study of this book very carefully certainly, every book of scripture requires careful observation. A message for the first century many try to take the message of revelation literally and thereby develop many fanciful doctrines. A verse by verse explanation of the book of revelation kindle edition by weick, christine. Today kris langham guides us through the new testament book of revelation. The book of revelation versebyverse preaching youtube. What this book reveals or unveils is jesus christ in glory.

The versebyverse commentary on revelation introduction this commentary on revelation will prove, contrary to what most people think, that the revelation, the last book of the bible, is not difficult to understand if we will take a simple, facevalue. A very good study jeremy, but i do have some contrary views upon some of your points. Nov 18, 2012 in this section, the theme of redemption will be traced through the book of revelation. The second major grouping of scripture is history and that is recorded from joshua to. The book of revelation explained volume 1 gospel trumpeter. These indepth versebyverse studies, covering thousands of pages, represent more than 30 years of the ministry of bible scholar frank shallieu. This is the last chapter in gods story of redemption. Although prophecy is scattered all through the bible, two books focus almost entirely on symbolic representations. In the book of exodus we find no longer exclusively the dealings of god with individuals mentioned. Great prophecies in the book of revelation show how and when these catastrophic events will occur. Before beginning to go through the content of revelation, we recommend that you read through the, and sections to familiarize yourself with the framework concerning this incredible book of god. Israel is delivered from the slavery in egypt and is led on to the way into the promised land of canaan. Description garlands work is one of the best commentaries available on the book of the revelation. If you look at verse 1, you will see that this revelation god gave unto him and that h there of him, really should be a.

Redeeming ourselves through repentance and following the teachings of christ is a very common theme throughout the biblical verses. Unlike many other books on end time prophecy, this is a simple, easy to read commentary. The revelationgods judgment and redemption 3 for the second one, consider what john wrote at the beginning of verse three. Jesus explained to the men on the road to emmaus that everything that was. In the first verse of the book, the apostle john recorded christs words, the revelation of jesus christto show unto his servants things which must shortly come to pass. Revelation explained verse by verse, chapter by chapter. Jul 02, 2014 there has never been a time when it was more necessary to read and understand the book of revelation than right now. We hope this commentary is a beneficial study tool in your devotion to the word of god. Revelation 1 2020 verse by verse ministry international. In fact, scripture is quite clear that redemption is only possible through his blood, that is, by his death colossians 1. The bible is a history book, it tells the pastbut like no other history bookit tells the present and future just as clearly. This booklet is meant to provide a short introduction and then questions for each major section of the book of revelation.

Revelation depicts the reality of god, thereality of the existence of man, and the reality of the flow of history more precisely in its use of poetic illustrations than human realism could ever achieve. This is a short version of the outline of the book. The verse by verse commentary on revelation introduction this commentary on revelation will prove, contrary to what most people think, that the revelation, the last book of the bible, is not difficult to understand if we will take a simple, facevalue, commonsense approach to interpreting it. It is fitting that such a sublime theme should be reserved as the grand climax of the book of revelation. If you want to better understand the book of revelation and the end times. Isaiah 1a isaiah was probably most important ot prophet o therefore isaiah is one of only a few books of the bible that by itself can teach virtually everything we can know concerning gods plan for the redemption of the world at least from the perspective of israel o his book is a work of superlatives. This is to corre spond with the chapters in the revelation. Renunciation values sin, gods remedy for many seeking salvation atonement, in nt substitution the effect. Commentary on revelation christian classics ethereal.

Old testament, yet almost every verse alludes to or echoes older scriptures. Many have wondered if the third temple will ever be built. Come explore the works of temple scholar frank shallieu. Revelation 12 continued explained book of revelation each. He made it known by sending his angel to his servant john, 2 who testifies to eve rything he sawthat is, the word of god and the testimony of jesus christ. The revelation research foundation has completed work on a 3d version of ezekiels temple, utilizing the drawings of mr. I dont want to believe that john tried to repaint the picture in any form whatsoever, in the 19th verse of chapter one, he was directed to write what he sees and in verse 18 and 19 of the last chapter there was a warning against adding or removing from the book. Read and study revelation 4 with the verse by verse bible commentary. It is about his person, about his redemption work, his. In the book of revelation, the paradise which was lost in. Of course, even after going over the books content, it can still be difficult to know what revelation is all about. Pauls message was not received from man for i neither received it from man, nor was i. This is the revelation about jesus christ, but the second understanding of this title, the revelation that came from jesus christ, is equally authentic.

Revelation 1 commentary a testimony of jesus christ. Isaiah 1a isaiah was probably most important ot prophet o therefore isaiah is one of only a few books of the bible that by itself can teach virtually everything we can know concerning gods plan for the redemption of the world at least from the perspective of israel o. There are no long drawnout theories or doctrines, but instead it focuses on the clues given throughout the bible and facts from current events and history. Understanding the book of revelation part 14 youtube. The seals of gods book, the breaking of which call up the horsemen and. Jesus paid the price for our release from sin and its punishment matthew 20. In all its uses, revelation refers to something or someone, once hidden, becoming visible. Larkin, who published several books about biblical studies in the 1910s and 20s, was a dispensationalist, one of the threads of modern evangelical christianity. Many people have assumed that the book of revelation is just impossible to understand. It fittingly has the last place ending the scriptures and gods revelation to man. In this series you will be amazed to see how the bible interprets itself. End of the project gutenberg ebook of the revelation explained. In him we have redemption through his blood, the forgiveness of our trespasses, according to the riches of his grace. The old and new testaments harmonize in declaring gods plan for mankind down through.

The purpose of the tribulation is that from these judgments comes redemption. I went into the study as a trinitarian, but left the study out of obvious necessity as a believer in the one true god. This article was written by my friend jeremy oliver. Commentary to revelation free online downloadable pdf.

The book of revelation explainedvolume 1 1 c hapter o ne p art o ne the introductory verses revelation 1. The vision which opens the book and the verse that organizes it. We have already referred to jesus olivet discourse before. Study the bible online using commentary on revelation 1 and more. The book of revelation explained takes you on a easy to understand and eyeopening journey through the book of revelation. The prophet joseph smith described this focus of the book of revelation.

Garland approaches the text from a literal perspective and also. This booklet contains vital understanding that will forever change your outlook on the future. I still thought revelation was about the end of the world, right. Revelation with book summary versebyverse bible commentary. Some general comments about the book of revelation and its uniqueness. The patriarch job portrayed this truth as well when he penned the words. This repetition reminds johns readers that he still sees.

Revelation made simple and easy to understand this last book of the bible bears the title revelation, meaning unveiling and, yet, it presents visions of. Many through the centuries have even suggested that this book of the bible be avoided because of the depth and mystery of its symbolism. Nov 05, 2018 an in depth study of the book of revelation taking it one verse at a time. It is the first book that many new to the bible want to study, while it is often neglected by mature. For more on john the apostle, see the introduction in the life application bible commentary on the gospel of john. Theology of redemption from the book of revelation.

So if this book is revealing something, what exactly is being revealed. Learn more about redemption from this list of important bible verses. Now it will also be helpful to compare this agenda for the future with the book of revelation the later, and expanded, explanation of the end times that he entrusted to john. We open the book of revelation today, and verse 1 begins, the revelation of jesus christ. Read revelation 1 commentary using a testimony of jesus christ. A commentary on the book of revelation clearly explained for everyone. Use features like bookmarks, note taking and highlighting while reading explain this. The origin and redemption of gods earthly people israel is described. Far from hiding the truth,the book of revelation reveals it. I also indicated with a v which verse is explained.

Jan 02, 2020 related to the christian concept of redemption is the word ransom. This book is the title deed and describes gods final actual acts of redemption for israels inheritance. The revelation is the only prophetic book of the nt and it is the keystone of the word of god. These indepth versebyverse studies harmonize the holy bible from genesis to revelation. Both testaments can be divided into history instruction prophecy revelation is the only book of prophecy in the new testament. The revelation is a very solemn book speaking much about divine judgments but it is also a. Such is dangerous as the book itself sets forth many symbols with their meaning.

The book of revelation explained volume 3 p reface you will noti ce th at the b ook of reve lation e xplained, volume 3, begins with chapter 8, not chapter 1, and ends at the conclusion of chapter 11. In the prologue of this book, john admonishes the reader to hold fast to christ because the events flowing out of these visions are imminent and the consummation of redemption is near. Pack staggering events foretold in your bible will shock the whole world. God the holy spirit, man, sin, redemption, covenant, promise, satan and angels, kingdom, revelation, israel, judgment and blessing. The completed registration allows us to send order and donation receipts to the email address you provided. Exodus with book summary versebyverse bible commentary. Revelation 12 explained jesus unveiled revelation is. The project gutenberg ebook of studies in the book of revela tion by stephen. The holy scriptures start with a revelation on the past genesis 1 and they end with a revelation on the future. In addition, there are 16 major concepts that are covered in johns apocalypse. One will find that the language and statements of scripture, itself, should make these. Verse by verse commentary on revelation precept austin.

Verse by verse commentary on the revelation a testimony of jesus christ by tony garland. Christ and the church here and hereafter, or redemption in its. The redemption of the 144000 during the tribulation 14. Bobs notes follow a versebyverse approach to interpretation. The revelation to john new international version the prologue 1. You and your family are a blessing beyond description to us and so many others.

Unlike more recent authors, larkin does not make any claims to know when or exactly how the prophecies will unfold. Download it once and read it on your kindle device, pc, phones or tablets. Pastor steven l anderson takes you verse by verse through the book of. Its title is derived from the first word of the koine greek text. Truths about him and his final victory, that the rest of scripture merely allude to, become clearly visible through revelation about jesus christ see historical and theological themes.

The book of revelation is the final book of the new testament, and consequently is also the final book of the christian bible. However, today we will explain the keys to unlocking the treasures of this mysterious book. November 18, 2012 november 18, 2012 posted in revelation, salvation tagged book of revelation, jeremy oliver, new, redemption, revelation, theology of redemption, theology or revelation. The book of revelation introduction the revelation of jesus christ, which god gave him to show his servantsthings which must shortly take place. The book of revelation has been shrouded in mystery for a good portion of the church age. The bible is an excellent source of guidance for seeking and understanding redemption.

Very important we note this and realize we cannot study revelation in the same way we study the book of romans. A commentary of the book of revelation bible truth. Ministry of the son of man ministering atonement being a servant types ransom unselfishness giving, of oneself servants. Wheeler and a great selection of related books, art and collectibles available now at. The fitting capstone of gods revelation to man in the bible, the book of.

The second description is the plot of the rest of this book. Genesis apart from other books of scripture, in that the first book of scripture corresponds closely with the final book. All 101 pages of the revelationwithdaniel notes can be purchased and downloaded here as a printable pdf. A commentary on the book of the revelation edgar cayce readings 1971, 19932015 by the edgar cayce foundation 8 by the physical attributes of that progenerated from those bringing such an action. In the first verse of the book, the apostle john recorded christs words. Revelation 1 study of the book of chapter by chapter and verse by verse. Studies in the book of revelation project gutenberg.

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