Halliburton drilling optimization software

Used by baroidcertified technical professionals, our software is used to determine the best engineered fluids solution for the resource play and then used during. Optimizing the number of wellbores for best reservoir drainage. Sperry drilling services adt drilling optimization service helps you optimize your drilling practices through a proven philosophy of modeling, measuring and optimizing by expert personnel. By jeremy greenwood, rick russell and james bement, halliburton. A framework for drilling optimization should support and deliver these three. Halliburton expands line of drilldoc drilling optimization. Adt optimization service helps ensure critical hole.

Specialized software is used to model every bottom hole assembly bha and drillstring. Realtime operation centers support oilfield drilling. Houston sperry drilling, a halliburton business line, has introduced two new sizes of its drilldoc drilling optimization tools4 34inch and 9 12inch collars. Drilling optimization requires integrated workflow. Provides the most advanced and accurate drilling simulation tool available. Drilling optimization engineer, 082005 to 082015halliburton. In the drilling industry, everyone knows that time is money. Engineering software to deliver safer, more efficient and higher quality services, weve invested in industryleading software to facilitate comprehensive planning and execution. The software calculates drill bit efficiency in real time in relation to formation type and rock strength, and provides recommendations on drilling parameters. Drillworks and insite or similar drilling software. We offer consulting services for companies worldwide, specializing in stimulation and well performance optimization.

Downhole and surface vibration detection sensors allow the adt service. Drilling optimization engineer resume example halliburton. The schlumberger ropo rate of penetration optimization software, the. Information by process reservoir, production, drilling optimization, by solution hardware, software, data storage, and by application and by region. Sofiane abdellaoui, halliburton drill bits and services. Halliburton awarded qatif field development project rigzone. Drilling optimization software such as max3di, developed by halliburton, supports modeling, measuring and optimizing drilling performance. Decisionspace well planning utilizes surface and subsurface information to optimize well path and pad. Sperry drilling services has added maxbha software to the sperry drilling optimization software suite, transforming the art of bha design into science. Halliburton appreciates that equation and we design drilling programs that not only increase recoveries, but also lower costs by minimizing nonproductive time, boosting production rates and requiring smaller expenditures of capital. These types of software can also increase directional drilling efficiency and reliability by immediately detecting outofbound conditions. Industry taking systems view to drilling optimization. Halliburton is one of the pioneers within real time operations and have participated in the.

Besides intellectual property, i develop engineering methods and algorithms to enhance drilling optimization that become part of various software applications at halliburton. Dfg rt drilling fluids graphics software halliburton. Dale jamison distinguished engineer halliburton linkedin. When carrying out infill drilling, the software s well path planner can automatically recommend the most appropriate well to sidetrack, saving days of costly trial and. Drilling optimization is provided by adt optimization applied drilling technology specialists who. Sasan basri drilling optimization engineer halliburton linkedin. Halliburton well engineering consultants develop reliable, efficient drilling programs.

Ibits interactive bit solution software tool to optimize bit selection or design new bits. Drill bit optimization our firstofitskind worldwide network of ade sm application design evaluation specialists can be found in the geographic area of the customers drill site. Halliburton s drilling optimization services help you continually improve your drilling practices, equipment and fluid designs to reach performance goals through a proven philosophy of modeling, measuring and optimizing by expert personnel using specialist software applications. Chief advisor for drilling performance for halliburtons sperry drilling.

Decisionspace well planning software uses rapid automation and patented. Optimize the drilling process through a proven philosophy of modeling. Halliburton drilling engineering solutions des combines expertise and experience across multiple service lines to take integration to the next level. Being able to look ahead of the bit to anticipate what will happen downhole and avoid problems and npt is critical to optimize drilling performance. You will also provide modelling and analysis for drilling optimization disciplines, evaluate the. Experts work together, leveraging the drillingxpert software platform developed on. Realtime drilling optimization based on mwd dynamic measurements. Whether simple or complex, compass directional path planning software can optimize drilling trajectories quickly based on cost, torque and drag, or anticollision criteria.

Us6408953b1 19960325 20020625 halliburton energy services, inc. Through its drilling engineering solutions centers, des brings together the experts, software and technology from sperry drilling, baroid and halliburton drills bits and services to design. Technicallysavvy and able to quickly learn new software and programs. Spartatm software advanced rock strength analysis and modeling.

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